Colorado Gourmet Foods

P.O. Box 1

Montrose, Colorado 81401

Phone/Fax:                      970-252-8561

Out of area Phone/Fax:          1-800-504-3447


 Colorado Gourmet Foods is a wholesale distribution company of specialty food grown and/or manufactured in Colorado.  We will also have over 500 products unique to Colorado available to anyone on this website.  Our products come from all over Colorado from the western slope to the Denver area and from the four corner area as well.  For example, Adobe Milling in Dove Creek north of Cortez, Colorado is one of the companies we distribute for.  This area is known for ancient Anasazi ruins and the colorful anasazi bean they grow comes from seeds directly decended from the Hopi. From one of the oldest diners in Durango, Durango Diner, comes amazing green chili and southwest salsa. Honeyville is a Durango dynasty, since just after the turn of the century. The varieties of honey products such as flavored honey sticks, delectable whipped honey and a variety of tasty sauces are one-of-a-kind sensational!  San Juan mustards also come from Durango.  These are original creamy mustards, chutneys and sauces, all natural and unique.  With names like Alpenglow Orange Chipotle or Hermosa Cliffs Cherry habanero, who can wait to taste these amazing recipes? Fire Mountain, located near Hotchkiss, Colorado, creates the finest tasting jams & jellies ever and their fresh, fruit based syrups are absolutely wonderful.  We have uniquely flavored sodas such as sarsparilla and ginger beer from Zuberfizz in Durango and fresh, natural fruit juices and cider from Big B’s in Hotchkiss.  These are only a small representation of our suppliers and their beautiful fare.  For wholesale catalog and delivery schedule, please contact us at,  or call the phone numbers listed above. 

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